3- Topic – Why Frozen?

Note: Spoilers.

When the movie “Frozen” was released in 2013, I didn’t watch it.

This modern take on one of my childhood favorites, Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen”, just didn’t appeal to me. I did eventually look up and watch the ‘Let it Go’ bit of the film on YouTube, because I was sick of hearing the tune in my head and not knowing the words. But I didn’t watch the actual movie in its entirety until Canadian Thanksgiving 2014 when I visited family, and there was a toddler present. He was insistent we all watched his favorite, “Frozen”, on repeat.

From a child’s standpoint, I can definitely understand the allure of this movie. All the colors, the effects, the snow, the movements, and of course, the music, it’s all captivating. While seeing countless toddlers dancing and singing in front of the television to this movie, I couldn’t help but think the film was somehow interactive. Or is that just the sign of a good musical?

The adults and I sat and watched. Some groaned, and some just shrugged. Admittedly, I watched with quite a bit of attention. Part of me wanted to be drawn in, wanted to experience ‘the magic’ that has made this movie and everything about it such a success. What is it that makes so many kids want to be Princess Elsa or Anna? At the end, I concluded, as always, it’s a combination of things.

This story varies from the traditional Disney princess stories in quite a few ways. There are the plot twists of the supposed good Prince Hans turning out to be full of bad intentions, and the sister’s kiss taking the place of our usual ‘true love’s kiss’. There are also two princesses instead of one. And these ones did more than just wait. As well, Elsa’s powers, the classic curse, remains unbroken, but it’s still okay. But of course, we still get the good and the bad, the conflict, and our happily ever after.

I couldn’t help feeling in awe when Elsa built her ice castle. Now that was magical. Hat tips all around to the animation team there. Also outstandingly done, in my opinion, are the voices. So applause goes to the voice actors as well. Regardless of whether or not you like the songs, you must admit they are annoying catchy. And I’m sure I am not the only one who absolutely loves Olaf.

So besides giving feminists less to complain about, I think this movie probably has more elderly approval than usual. The promotion of family love is one of the biggest differences from our usual Disney princess story. And I can’t deny I like that change of theme. All that mesmerizing ice and snow makes this story so visually appealing, it also makes me want to throw the doors open like Anna and go sledding. That is until the cold hits my face.

If Disney’s goal was to create a new classic fairytale, something not dated, empowering, but still magical, then I think they have succeeded. This story/movie goes perfectly with their “dreams can come true” spirit and I think Walt would approve of this one.

Not the most relevant, but did anyone else find that opening ice breaking scene reminiscent of “Les Miserables”(2012)’s ‘Look Down’ opening.

Thanks for reading.
– a.sea


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