5- Thoughts – Time and Age

Aging is a part of the uncontrollable nature.

The other day I was filling out a form, and I had to pause at the box titled “AGE”. Besides my slight confusion since I had already written my birth date with the year, I really had to think for a second. I had forgotten how old I was. I’m also the same person who has forgotten her own birthday in the past, but that moment stayed with me.

I’m still in my early twenties, so in the grand scheme of humanity, I know I’m not old. Though sometimes I seem to feel centuries weighing upon me. I have discovered I don’t think about my age until I am asked. It’s an odd feeling knowing you have existed for so many years. Many strive to leave a legacy. It’s like we don’t want to be old, but somehow timeless.

I know sometimes I want to play God with time, but trying to fight time is like swimming against the entire ocean, all efforts futile. We can make all the clocks we want, but no hands can change time anymore than stopping the orbit of the moons.

I’ve wasted so much time in the past three years, I’ve lost track. And until I stop mourning the loss of all that time, I will only be wasting more.

So many people fear or dismiss aging, but I think aging can be a beautiful thing. I look forward to being in a different time and place of life. It’s hard to always focus on just now. We are always growing.

Growing up, to me, is a package deal. Mainly, you get the responsibility, with a side of wrinkles. There is so much more to that though. I look forward to the experiences. I don’t want to be scared of getting old, and consumed by a search for the fountain of youth. I will live as I live.

Beauty and age should go together more often. And ‘old’ shouldn’t be an insult. I think embracing age can be a liberating thing.

I can’t control my time and age, I can only hope to have the wisdom to match.

Thank you for reading,
– a.sea


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