6- Featuring – Youtube Families

I spend many hours of my day consuming the endless supply of videos on YouTube.

The suggestions down the side really keep you looped in. Whatever algorithm Google is using to match my interests, it’s pretty darn spot on, most of the time. Ever since I discovered all that content, my computer usage hasn’t been the same. My mother’s decision to finally upgrade from dial-up internet, back in grade school, was a glorious one.

Besides those very random but hypnotising “How It’s Made” and cake decorating videos, I think I spend most of my time watching family vlogs. These video logs are windows through which we are welcomed into these people’s homes and personal life. It’s an odd culture when I know more about these families than I know some of my real life friends.

We’ve become so liberal with our lives, it really makes the world both a more connected and isolating place. It amazes me that so many can share so much with the world. But the mobile lifestyle has the power to almost eliminate all human interaction, and I think there’s a danger to that. That’s why I do love the conventions, like Vlogger Fair, Playlist Live, and Vid Con, that create an environment for people to meet and communicate in real life.

These families lives give me a mini recess to my own stresses. It’s amazing how much support we the audience are capable of giving to theses self-publishing online personalities. It’s created a whole new sector of the entertainment industry and loosened the meaning of ‘talent’. It will only grow from here.

I discover new families all the time, but these have been my most consistent channels.

The family vlogs I watch daily:

GabebabeTV – What up peeps! Gabe and Chad show us around their daily lives with  there little one, Chad junior. And we can’t forget the adorable puppy, Oscar. This beautiful interracial family have such great energy even when it seems like at least one of them are always sick. I personally love the occasional special appearances of Nana.

DailyBumps – Missy and Bryan Lannings share with us their awesome son Ollie. He is the most playful and funny toddler, I just can’t get enough of Ollie! And of course puppies just make it even better, sweet Karma is a parent’s dream pet. I also love Missy’s unboxing videos on her channel.

Ellie and Jared – That’s their names haha. Ellie and Jared Mecham are definitely the most uplifting family that I watch. I’m so excited that there’ll be another little boy coming into the family soon. I think Jackson will be such a great big brother, he’s such a gentle sweet boy. They all have the most positive spirits and energy. I always end up laughing out loud numerous times during one vlog.

The family vlogs I watch once a week or so:

BitsandClips – Oh sweet Marie and her family, they’re my comfort family. We have Marie the mama,  Brian the papa, and the little ones Scarlett and Luka. This cute family has officially started doing weekly vlogs, and I can’t wait for my Mondays now!

TheLavigneLife – Jerry of ‘RIP JerryLavigneJr.’ the comedy channel, began daily vlogging his family, Dee, their son Jerry(J3), and their baby daughter Jordan. I love watching J3 learn and be happy and active. He always cracks me up. And I’m always motivated by Dee. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I think of Dee juggling motherhood of two young ones and succeeding at her college life as well.

Shaytards – And of course, the Shaytards. I’ve loved watching this family grow throughout the years. We now have Shay(the dad), Colette(Mommytard), and their five awesome kids: Gavin(Sontard), Avia(Princesstard), Emmi(Babytard), Brock(Rocktard), and Daxton(Brotard). And of course we can’t forget the great dane Zeke! They can get pretty rambunctious on their huge Idaho property, but there’s always some good laughs. They posted daily vlogs for about five years, but Shay’s on a more temperamental schedule now. Nonetheless, they’re always a good watch to cheer me up.

And once in a blue moon I will have a marathon of Itsjudyslife videos. Judy and Benji Travis vlog their daily life along with their three adorable little girls, Julianna (JB) and the twins Miyako and Keira. Judy’s main interest is beauty, and Benji’s is cooking, along with dancing, of course. I love seeing the growth in the girls and the family as a whole.

This is not a promotional post, just a record of what is available among everything else, at this time for me and all internet consumers.

Thanks for reading!
– a.sea


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