7- Thoughts – Mental Disorder

A mental disorder is exactly that, a dis-order in the mind.

That almost always leads to the disorder of everything else though. Your thoughts don’t quite make sense anymore. Rationality stops being easy.

Unfortunately there is no one cure for it. There’s the standard tests to first diagnose what your black hole is. Usually there will be physical symptoms along with the mental chaos, only making things harder.

Everyone has to find their own solution. For some, medications do work, but unless you’re really lucky this will be a quite turbulent trial and error period on its own. I have so far tried three, hopefully my forth will be the one. For others, their answer lies in something more interactive, like therapy, or counseling. For most it’s a combination of both.

For me I think my most effective relieve is just to live, to schedule things, to stay active. An unfocused mind is most of my downfall.

Human interactions also save me all the time. Despite how much I don’t want to leave my room and be presentable to the world (ie. pants), being with people forces me to smile.

As well, simple movements get my happy hormones going. I have taken unnecessary round trips to the drug store, grocer, or campus just to finally leave the house after days. It’s easy for me to neglect exercise. There is something to gain from fresh air.

I think one of the most important thing is to make something your pivot point. Something for you to go to. Hobbies are great for that. Something with no limitations by time or company. Creative hobbies can also be great releases. Along with that, something mindless like watching movies or running can occupy or give your thoughts and emotions a break.

I am also fortunate enough to have found people who overlook certain things for me. Whether it’s a doctor, a friend or family member, a mentor or elder, It makes it all more manageable. More importantly, it takes away most of the helplessness.

On the other hand, I’m also in the process of developing a stronger sense of independence. Especially when it come to self- motivating. Because a lot of it is you feeling stuck. The mental dominoes of negativity don’t help either.

One of the hardest things is to stay realistic. It’s an overwhelming amount of change, and it’s hard to change with it. You will fail at things you used to be able to do, but that’s only because you’re not who you used to be. It is okay. The only failure is not failing again.

Change your schedule, change your ways. Whatever you need. More ofter than not, people can and will accommodate you. It probably won’t be the easiest thing trying to explain to people your whats and whys, but start somewhere.

Even if it’s making a tearful phone call, or seeing someone you really don’t want to. You have to hope. Make your reasons.

Stay strong and good luck.

Thank you for reading.
– a.sea


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