8- Free Falling – Disoriented in the Morning

Have you ever fell asleep without meaning to and woken up so lost in time? I don’t even fully believe my clocks right now. All of them are saying 6:47 but part of me is doubting the ‘AM’ beside. Don’t get me wrong, before I looked I was hoping it was the morning, otherwise I would’ve lost an entire day, and missed a meeting.

It’s bothering me that our dark Canadian Winter has made even the sky an unclear time teller. It’s like I’m sitting here counting a jar of change over and over again because I don’t trust numbers or something. Something inside me that is so clouded with confusion. Man, this is crazy. Clocks, I can’t deny the clocks. Especially when they’re all consistent.

This is partly because in my dream world I feel like it’s been  a day already, so waking up and still having all my real life time is pretty shocking. Great, but woah. I don’t think I can quite believe it until I ask someone in the flesh, is it the morning or night. I kinda forgot the importance of that little AM/PM system. it’s pretty good. My, how cocky I am to think my internal clock might be more right than all the actual ones. This temple headache definitely isn’t helping with the clarity factor though. Blah blah bleh.

I need someone to really wake me up, I feel like I’m in an “Inception” chain and I’m still under two or three levels. I used to have those dreams a lot. I’d think I’d woken up got out of bed, and get so far to get ready and go to school. Only to have to wake up all again in reality. This brain.

I’m thinking too much and too fast now. How am I so so awake. Oh right I decided to fix my sleep schedule. Good job Angie. I should brush my teeth. Does anyone else know that story by Stephen King, I think it’s one of his short stories. Where the guy has to live an almost death bit over and over again in this abandoned church with this girl he’s trying to keep from dying, there’s a psycho brother involved and everything. And I read somewhere, can’t remember rawr, that Stephen thinks that’s what hell is, beings stuck in this loop and forced to live the same bit over and over again.

Not saying this is hell, just what all this thought made me think of. Oh hello there sunshine. Okay it’s morning. The skies I believe. Good morning.

Hears to a new category, this free falling, nothing is edited except typos. Have fun, and please don’t get annoyed with my mistakes.

Thanks for reading!
– a.sea


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