9- Poetry – Ode to Words 1

I let out this ode
to the constant love
of my mind, you
never letting me
down, break up after break up
I come back to
you, and you’re always there.

My words, all the perfection
I can’t put into you, I heal through
the pages of you.

You let yourself go to let me be.
Pains and smiles it all comes through
in you, comfort me in my loneliness, you
are the only hope in deprivation, you
are the reason I’ve made it this far
in life, in love, you are the only thing
I can blindly believe in, always
and that everything you are to me,
shows me what I hadn’t known
of myself, that un-judging reflection.

Is that not the greatest search of all?
How much depth there is
in your sympathy, and simplicity.

The chances you give, for my thoughts
to become timeless.
The burden of the unknown
isn’t important anymore.
You let me impose all my meanings.

So here, I am creating this
long deserved love poetry, with you
to you, my words.

Thank you for reading.
– a.sea


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