11- Free Falling – Sick sad

All up in my misery, I still need to write. Me first then school, because if I’m not doing well, then I’m not going to do well in school.

Madness, this is absolute madness. This headache. It fells  like there’s somehow both a brick and a hot air balloon up in my head. I should probably stop waiting until I’m hungry to go make food. Police checked weeewooo weeehoo !

I can barely live right now.  So tired. So stuffy. All that false hope when one nostril finally clears up. And then you try to take a deeper breath, and your nose is basically saying just kidding, we’re gonna snot all over your party. Please no nose bleed today. I can’t. Gotta work though. I havne’t been 100% in way too long, just hitting 90% on my best day. Technical difficulties suck. What is this throat issue I’m having. It’s nuts, well, it feels like a freaking golf ball in my air tubes, Ventolin every four hours, I need it. Shake, shake, shake.  Inhale, sniff, sniff, exhale, cough.

Look at me trying to be all poetic when I feel so icky. Icky Vicky haha Fairly Oddparets haven’t watched Timmy in forever and a day, ah nostalgia.

Threw some allergies in and mix it all up in my germ cocktail. I dreamt I was in a really big and fancy Bulk Barn last night. I wonder what I wanted.

There’s so much pressure! On my temples, my forehead, the back of my head, It’s just not nice. My bed though. I’ve been in it surprisingly little today. I can almost feel the skin on my hand cracking some as I write this. I need a nap. Luckily due to my short list of followers and readers thus far, a sick day seems to be a luxury I can still afford.

I’m back onto writing lists. They let me focus on one thing at a time, and stop overwhelming myself when it’s all in my head. Like little slippery tadpoles or  something, impossible to catch, impossible to organize. It’s still going okay. I hate being behind though.

I will be better. My eyes are closing, I need to nap now.

Thanks for reading.
– a.sea


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