14- Living – My Lemon Life

When life gives me lemons.. I mix it with some honey in water.

Et voila, here is possibly the most healthy thing I consume.


This drink is so easy to make. As long as you’re awake enough to handle hot water, you can do this. And hey, why make a drink with just one super food in it when you can make it with two, lemon and honey.

Here’s how I do it. I take a glass or mug that can hold hot liquid, pour in boiling water. Then I grab a slice of lemon, I usually give it a squeeze before dropping the whole piece in. Then I wait for that to cool. I head off to make breakfast while that cools some.

My mom told me a long time ago to never add honey to anything that’s still hot, and that mini lesson stuck. Apparently it makes it toxic or has some other bad effect. I don’t know the science behind it, but I wait for that lemon water to cool to warm. Then I squeeze in some honey. I don’t have an exact measurement  Some days I like it sweeter, some days less.

I like to pre-slice a lemon so I can just grab a slice whenever I’m going to make this drink. I put the whole plate of lemons in an airtight bag in the fridge, and I always finish it before anything goes bad. The longest I’ve left it is three weeks before finishing, but I feel it would have stayed fresh longer.


This drink wakes up me and my taste buds. And I love that it makes the weight in the stomach, if I’d eaten something heavy, go away. I also get a boost of energy, it’s probably all those vitamins. If I’m sore from a workout or some other physical activity, I think this helps my muscles hurt less too.

I also like to put my face over my jar, while the lemon water is steaming and just catch whiffs of that fresh lemon scent. It smells so yummy, and soothing. There’s something Zen about just sitting down for moment and breathing that steam in. Don’t breath too hard and burn yourself though.

I won’t go into the health benefits of this little concoction for it’s all over the internet and I don’t have anything to add to all the smart people who have already talked about this. A quick Google search and you can be reading for hours.

Hope you enjoyed my first lifestyle post, who knows maybe there’ll be more!

Thanks for reading.
– a.sea


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