16- Thoughts / Free Falling – Half Awake

There’s nothing bad my mind’s hung up on anymore. What a wondrous freedom it is to be able to write, to dance. To have these compositions mark my every high, low, and every thing else in between.

Stop thinking now honey. You’re so drowsy. Your thoughts are even running slower than usual. Bet you won’t remember all of this. But you’ll remember the dreams you’re about to have. All of it, your lucid life.

Hello, how do you do? Don’t we all have multiple personalities at the end of the day?

Bits of fruit in the fridge, one day there’ll be fruit in my loins. Tehe what a funny phrase. I was falling behind again, ah but what are weekends for. Tomorrow is the day of rest, but tomorrow doesn’t know the burden it would bring to tomorrow’s tomorrow. I can almost hear a slight squeak of my teeth chewing this gum. I’m going to have to write a post just about gum.

I’m not comfortable idle, I have learned. Some imbecile turned up the heat again, here come the insects. The rate we’re going I’m going to need my fan. It might be cold outside, but it’s gross inside. I live with those who like their own filth and stenches, I can’t help them. Enough on that.

Mind processes differently when this level of consciousness. How come my internet cone isn’t blue but still working? Technology. I want to go swimming, in the oceans. I think the dolphins would join me.

I feel my thoughts are competing with each other. Mind full of little rubber balls, going, boing, boing, boing, which one can bounce the highest. It’s a contest. The never ending, most competitive. Maybe that’s why headache.

Short but sweet. Buttered toast with jam, wait you like it dry. Musical chairs, drums, piano, vocals, jamming. Vroom, vroom. Blind man at a monster jam.

I love Cars. He is basketball. I am the possibilities. You are my love.

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good day. It’s time to let gravity take your eyelids down now. Remember you’re not scared of the dark anymore.

Thank you for reading.
– a.sea


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