24- Featuring – Google: The Webmaster

I was five when Google became a thing.

Google was started by two guys in a garage. They were two Stanford University PhD students at the time. Google is the product of two bright people who bonded over their love of organizing information among everything else, and became intellectual soul-mates.

Their discovery of the importance of backlinks is one of the things that started it all. Backlinks, also incoming links, are essentially any links/referrals coming from one site to another. They are the root of the ranking system Google developed and use to make their search engine the most effective in the world.

Google is as close to the center of the internet as you can get as a user. Every click I make becomes a part of their global filing system. The algorithms they use are complex beyond my understanding. But that’s okay because I can Google everything I want to know. It has taken an encyclopedia to the next level. It is the instant index of the WWW. and their data-processing power has sorted everything on the internet for everyone like me, a user of the internet. In a way they have color-coded each routing path between every website, and compiled the brightest(the most traveled) for every search.

It operates on the assumption that the most traveled paths are the most desired. That along with a relevancy match, and Google will compile a list of results for every search made. The only time you will get no results is if you search random combinations of letters and numbers (ashoe9w7893uuuje, jww98e74398jeiw, we93ia89ui23298a, asjdaosi093ijew9043, ifjsas79a7932iiasw), and even then you might still get a hit sometimes, like if anyone happens to put in any of the random combinations above. The fun part is, you can type in questions and instantly get the right answer back within the first two results. Of course, there are always exceptions, but I think their success rate is pretty darn high. You could probably Google that and get all kinds of stats and information on how it all works, that was jargon overload for me.

Google has become more than a noun, it’s now a verb too. You need internet to access the world wide web, and you need Google to lead you to the part of the WWW. that you are looking for, if not just speed up the search process. Google makes every browsing experience a communal thing.

I think the second you go online and become a part of the world wide web, you should realize that you have entered into an unspoken contract. Anything you say or do will be recorded on a database somewhere. As invasive as that sounds, confidentiality can still be kept. Though the terms and conditions you click the little box and accept or agree to might change that.

Google has expanded to way more than a search engine. They have acquired many companies, big or small. They own Pyra Labs, the creator of Blogspot, now with sub-domain Blogger. Companies like Keyhole Inc. and GrandCentral have been bought and developed into Google Earth and Google Voice respectively. Then there are the US$1.65 billion purchase of Youtube, and the $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility, China approved. Google also has its own satellite, and a limitless stash of patents.

There are endless things about Google that I’ve yet to explore like Demo Slam, or this Magic Leap thing. But I am also waiting on further development on their current projects like Google Wallet and Google.org.

This is only a tiny sector of the list. As far as the internet goes, there is no doubt that Google is a superpower. Whether I mean the services it provides, or as the big fish in the industry.

Thank you for reading.

– a.seaa


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