28- Free Falling – Trip

It was a trip. I was dizzy the whole time, more so when I closed my eyes.

The lights though, I imagine that’s what the world looks like when you’re on LSD or some other such drug. My oh my, was I an odd one. It felt so bizarre. It was like I was spinning but I knew I was sitting still at the same time. The Wheel of Fortune lights were absolutely psychedelic. It’s a miracle I didn’t fall on my face at some point, there were even stairs involved.

If I could think and do anything at the same time, I would’ve wrote then and that post would’ve been interesting. This is second best to that. It’s still so fresh, and so clean ha. I never want to feel like that again. It probably didn’t help that I was losing my voice, and having the worst coughing fits, the kind where you end up dry heaving.

My senses were all out of funk. Pancakes tasted different. I couldn’t interpret all the things happening around me. It was wild. It was contradictions. Still but spinning, and slow but speedy all at the same time. My confused mind and body. I’m trying so hard to explain and describe but it’s just not the same. I’m back already.

Thanks for reading.

– a.seaa


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