30- Topic – “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan

The song “Angel” originally by, fellow Canadian, Sarah McLachlan, has become a classic. Inspired by the heroin overdose induced death of Jonathan Melvoin, The Smashing Pumpkin’s keyboardist at the time. This song is a release of pressure and for me. It eases my aimlessness and is a great part of healing. It is a song of condolences, and an uplifting send off. It has become the accompaniment to many post tragedy tributes, for it’s comforting quality.

I have been reconnected with this song lately. I’ve known it since I was a child. I have cried to it, and wrote to it. The original is still most powerful.

My favorite version, however, is the one by the beautiful Jackie Evancho. Her delivery for PBS Great Performances has been the one I’ve been playing on repeat.

(c) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment

Then there’s me. I wanted the privilege of singing this song, and it has been stuck in my mind for too long now.

Thank you for your time, with love

– a.seaa


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