40- Thoughts – Breather

So life has gone on one of those hectic spins in the past two weeks, and I feel like all I have been doing is falling behind. You know when you get so overwhelmed, you just stop being productive because everything has become a mad dash. Well, I’m ready to take a step back and take a breather.

When I get close to being burnt out, I end up doing nothing because I’m trying to do too much. That’s when I need to stop, and write. Whether it’s just free falling and letting all the stress out. Or lists upon lists. Writing makes it all better. Sticky notes are a friend too. It makes it easier for me to reorganize and prioritize.

Usually a down day or two is needed. Some detox and de-stressing can refresh your mind so much. Then some time to refuel. You get good at being your own cheerleader with practice. Whatever you need to do to get back into go mode, empower the heck out of yourself. Boost that ego, we can take on the world now.

Thanks for reading!

– a.seaa


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