44- Before I Fall Asleep – Strength

Before I fall asleep, I just want to write. Right now, I had a good day today. It ended with bad news, but strength.

That’s the topic for musing today. Strength. I get it from so many people who have no idea they are giving it to me. I need it all the time though. Is it just me?

I wonder if I’m anyone’s muse. I wonder if I do at least one thing a day that makes someone smile, makes someone just a little bit stronger. Because what else are people good for. But to lift each  other up.

The thoughts I have that keep me up. The dreams I will have later. I’m  hot and I’m cold, Katy Perry. I don’t think I’m sick, but I don’t feel well either. My body and mind are both confused.

Bad news. Made me cry. Thankful tears for having had at all. The only way to get over something is to truly accept it. Denial does no fixing. But there’s no solution anyways. Cancer. Your strength is my strength, so let mine be yours.

I will love you even if you no longer love yourself. My mind’s my hell, and you’re my solace.

Short one today. Good night. Good morning.

Thank you for stopping by.
– a.seaa


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