45- Before I Fall Asleep – Loving

Here’s another before I fall sleep free fall.

Loving is when I’m in an old T-shirt, my hair’s a mess, and you still think I’m beautiful. The clichés are all true when they’re with you. I can be broken and not have to pretend I’m not. Because you’ll take me for all that I am, and all that I might become.

Loving is being able to fight and make amends. To growing older and wiser together. Acceptance and understanding. And letting go of all the petty things that could be or downfall.

Loving is listening to your dormant mumbles and feeling all that is right in the world. Making moments and memories just us two. To be able to dream together and face all the realities of this world as a team.

Loving is saying all the things that might hurt the most, but because we matter the most. To have the power to leave a scratch but also heal all wounds, even all the ones left from before.

Loving is not quite seeing anything else the way I see us. Not thinking about anyone else the way I think of you.

Thank you for reading.
– a.seaa


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