46- Living – Lisa Eldridge Dream

The title says it all. I met Lisa Eldridge in my dream last night! It was so wonderful, the only thing bad about it was the fact that it was just a dream.

Lisa Eldridge is one of my favorite people, who I’ve never met in real life, in the whole wide world. She is a brilliant make up artist and she just seems like the kindest and most gentle person. Her voice is so soothing and to have her do my makeup would be magical. The dream certainly made for a magical memory.

It started out quite normal. I was in Hong Kong visiting my mom. My family and I were having dim sum at a Chinese restaurant  like we’ve done thousands of times before. I was at the table beside ours to explain to the server that this foreign man wanted a fork, and in walks Lisa Eldridge. At first I didn’t trust my eyes but then I did and I froze, and my insides all stopped for a second.

First thing I noticed was Lisa’s makeup. It looked like she had the base and cheeks from her “Korean ‘Beauty Trend’ Inspired Makeup” look. Along with the eyes and lips from her spring look with Lancôme Spring French Innocence Collection look. I have linked those two videos below so you can see what I am talking about.

She looked beautiful and put together in a smooth creme blouse, colorful patterned skirt, and a stunning pair of simple black peep toe heels with some gold detail. Lisa stood by the front as she waited to be seated.

I’m so glad this one was a pretty lucid dream so that I could control myself. I would’ve been beyond disappointed if I couldn’t even meet Lisa in my dreams. But I did. I went up to her and introduced myself.

I probably rambled some. Telling her all about how much I admired her and how much she has taught and inspired me. I also got to congratulate her on her Lancôme position and how much I wish I could spend my savings on the new French collection. She did confirm that that’s what she was wearing. And she was so kind in response the whole time. We laughed because I said “The one time I meet you I have no makeup on”! All I had on was moisturizer, SPF, and a glossy lip tint. My blemishes were showing in all their glory. We both agreed that our skin didn’t quite agree with the Hong Kong humidity.

Lisa and I took some photographs, and I got her signature in my daily notebook. Then the server came over and said there was a table available. And it was right next to the one my family and I were seated at! So we went over and I introduced her to my family. Then I walked her to her table, and she invited me to stay and chat a while. I was so overjoyed.  She also asked me for menu recommendations. And we just had the most wonderful conversation about food, life, and makeup. She told me she had plans to come to Canada soon, so we said we would see each other then!

It was the most magical dream come true, except it was still a dream haha. Who knows? I could only wish to only even meet her, let alone get the chance to sit down and chat with her. I was so silly, I checked my daily notebook when I woke up just to confirm that it was all a dream.

Well there’s the end of another one of my extra vivid dreams. If you are interested you can read about my previous one here: Living – Hospital Dream

Thank you for reading!

– a.seaa


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