50- Thoughts – “Whiplash” (2014)

So many months after being released, I finally watched the 2014 film “Whiplash”. My heart’s still racing.

In short, I liked the movie. I found it thrilling, and an intense emotional roller coaster. I like movies that make me feel things. As long as it proves to me that all that anxiety provoking is part of a greater story. This movie did and didn’t. Let’s process this together, since the film is still fresh in my core.

Honestly, I don’t know how I felt about the ending. Part of me wants more, closure, but then again that wouldn’t be kind. And this movie is not kind, there are definitely no warm fuzzy feelings going on here. But I get it. The overall picture makes sense. 

Did I need the unrealistic bloody hands (ironically real blood) for extra drama? I didn’t appreciate that. The shrug of a car crash? That part definitely bothered me. By the middle I felt like I was watching “Rocky Balboa” (2006) and the drums didn’t need to be a part of it anymore. As someone who has spent years in concert and jazz bands, and numerous choral groups, I agree with all who have said that this movie isn’t about the music. But passion I felt, so I guess that makes up for all it’s glitches.

Any consistent reader of mine will know that I am a fan of interviews, and I draw most if not all of my research from them (if that’s not you, welcome, and this is so). Nothing beats hearing it from the sources themselves.

So despite all the criticism I may have for this film. Nothing can infringe on the praise I have for the actors, the composer- Justin Hurwitz, and the editor- Tom Cross. I love that they went with an original score, this film would’ve been a lot less without that.

Miles Teller(Andrew) in reality did shed blood, sweat, and tears for this film, and the outcome was brilliant. Miles made me think of a young John Cusack, am I the only one? I’m glad, very glad, that it was all Miles, especially all the drumming. I think his dedication, along with the rest of the team, paid off. That end “Caravan” solo took two days to film, and I don’t know how many hours to edit in order to not have a fluffy effect. I think they did great. I was pretty sold.

I could go on, but all in all, my end thought is this is a pretty good film.

Thank you for reading.

– a.seaa



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