52- Free Falling – Seesaw Emotions

I think people are meant to share. Express. Communicate.

When people reflect your own happiness, that’s the biggest thing you can possibly accomplish. Everyone has the capability to provide strength. You have everything as long as you can be happy. It’s so easy to be depressed. It can become a crutch. Don’t let the comfort and familiarity of sadness keep you from all the other emotions.

Hold close those that make you smile, and make you hopeful. Believe in something, anything. Don’t forget the things that move you. Whether it’s the deepest of sadness, or joy, movement of emotions can only be a good thing.

The days when you feel there is no energy are a product of stillness. Stillness of the body, and heart. Your mind can still run on those days, but lacking. It’s good to have time for reflection and meditation, but reflect upon, not to your feelings. It is not a conjuring.

Find the strength in yourself. Take it from what you must, without crippling another. That will only bring you back down. Little rituals are great. Stay in control. Lose it when your heart tells you to. Hurting is all a part of the bliss.

The greats never stop. Celine Dion, Bob Dylan. You can be great. It’s a choice. It’s a state of being. Aspire. Have ambitions. Be happy. Make time for the important things. Let yourself be delighted by little things.

Hug, kiss, and express love whenever and however you possible can. Live. Go.

Love, a.seaa


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