55- Thoughts – Methazolamide the Drug

Am I doing a drug review? I think I’m doing a drug review. Ha, now that I never thought I’d be doing in my writing career. Life’s a surprise.

Last week my eye pressure spiked again and ranged 42-52 mm Hg (normal range 12-22 mm Hg). So along with that came some very miserable physical symptoms. My abnormally high eye pressure (ocular hypertension) led to the worst of pains and pretty much all the symptoms of an acute glaucoma onset.

After consulting, my eye drops had an addition. I now use Alphagan along with my previous Lumigan and Azarga. But the biggest change to all this is I was prescribed Methazolamide 50MG twice a day. These tiny little white pills are my last resort, before he puts a needle in my eye (as my communicationally challenged doctor put it). I think he meant some sort of tapping surgery to release more fluid. That aside.

My first week with Methazolamide. The most outstandingly different side effect has been this odd numbing sensation in my hands and face, mostly around my mouth area. It’s numbing but it’s also tingling at the same time. I imagine it’s what people feel after suffering a minor stroke. Or phantom limb sensations, or post frostbite.

It feels like there’s a second layer of skin hovering over my face and hands. And when something touches it, it leaves a long after feeling. Also when I move my face or hands it doesn’t always feel like I’m moving them. As you can tell, I’m struggling to describe this feeling. But it makes me very aware that I am on a new drug.

My heart races and my head hurts, but those are things that could have other causes for me. I have had one follow up since, and my pressure has gone down to the 27-31 mm Hg range, so though that’s not good, it’s better. I will probably be talking more about my eyes in future posts, since it is a huge part of my life. If you have any questions, even just out of curiosity, I am open to having a conversation about it with you. Until then.

Thank you for reading.

– a.seaa


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