56- Living – Worth Living For

It’s amazing what keeps you alive when you reach the very edge. Most of the time it’s love.

You meet people in your life. The funny thing is, sometimes you never actually even meet these people in real life. They show you it’s okay to be brave. And it’s not always about the failures.

Then there are the ones who know you, really know you. The hearts who have taken the time to connect with you, and listen to all that you are. Someone who chooses to see you for themselves, and not based on how everyone else sees you. And you want them to see you, so badly.

Then there’s yourself. There’s a trust in yourself, faith if you will, that keeps you going.

That will all one day be the strength that I have for living without my eye sight. And my first and last reason for choosing life if I ever come to that again.

Thanks for reading.

– a.seaa


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