60- Before I Fall Asleep – Choices

I’m proud of myself today. And that’s okay.

When you suffer from depression and anxiety, you almost get used to it. It becomes your reason but sometimes an excuse for not doing certain things. Today I didn’t let myself get away with that, and though I feel completely drained now, it feels good.

I made myself get out of bed, and do all the things I had to do. The absence of guilt is all the satisfaction I could ask for. I’m learning how to give myself credit for my little accomplishments, and turning that into encouragement to only do more.

Be your own cheerleader. Push yourself even when you feel you have absolutely no reason to. Take things one step at a time.

Depression isn’t a choice, but how we face our days and decisions, that is our choice. I know I’m not alone, and neither are you. You can do it, it gets easier, I promise.

Thank you for reading.
– a.seaa


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