62- Thoughts – Big Hero 6 (2014)

I just finished the movie Big Hero 6. I needed a distraction from my stress and this was a pretty darn good one.

Overall I think it’s a sweet movie. It has cool action scenes, and it’s got some funny bits. San Fransokyo, where the movie is set, is a fascinating busy urban city. And all the science is quite interesting, microbots? How cool are those things?

There are definitely lots to geek over in this movie, both visually and technologically. Disney created an entire new processing system named Hyperion just to  render this film. They took a huge risk with this beta creation. I don’t think Hyperion stepped up the graphics and animation lighting to a whole new level, but it definitely sped up the process.

It amazes me the amount of detail in this movie even though most of the shots go by pretty fast. It shows that it’s worth watching, and even if you don’t like it, you can’t help but value what was put into it. Besides all the people who aren’t fans of musicals, this one’s for you.

Apart from being a visually stimulating movie, for me it was also pretty emotional at times. I teared up twice. It’s one of those movies that I think all ages can enjoy. I can’t tell you why but I felt this to be reminiscent of The Incredibles (2004). It follows the archetypal good beats evil story, but there’s just a little bit more. 

I’m not in a heavy technological mindset usually, but this movie made me think about the future of artificial intelligence and technology. It has high-tech written all over it.

I love that this has the cheesy but most important human element. I support anything that promotes love, friendship, kindness, and teamwork. And this is indeed a result of teamwork. The spirit of Disney, Pixar, and Marvel is all up in this movie, and it’s pretty great.

Along with all that, it has the most awesome post credit bit I’ve seen in a while. I think it nods at a sequel, and I’d watch more Baymax.

Thanks for reading!

– a.seaa


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