63- Before I Fall Asleep – Thankful

Some people just make it easy to be grateful.

They are the ones who lead by example of being selfless. The opposite of petty. Truly kind people.

I think they are the ones that I should really aspire to be more like. That’s a different but more important kind of success. To be a good person. To give and not expect anything back. Loving.

I’m amazed and touched to have such wonderful people in my life. All the good adjectives can’t sum it up.

Sometimes I can’t help but think that I must’ve done a lot of good in the past to be so blessed today. These people make me feel truly lucky. They make me want to be a good person no matter what.

Whenever I’m surrounded by these people I’m lifted, my mood, my negativity. I am provided comfort, and acceptance. I’m taken in as family, and everything good that comes with that.

This is what money can’t buy. And I’m thankful.

Thank you for reading.

– a.seaa


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