65- Featuring – Leading Lady (2014) Soundtrack

It’s not often that while I’m watching a movie for me to pause it and look up the song that is playing at the moment. That’s what I did again and again for this soundtrack.

I had never listened to Afrikaans music before this movie. And I’m glad this movie introduced me to some. I love Bok Van Blerk’s “Soutwater”.

And then there’s Matthew Mole. His music is heavily featured in this movie, and I think it’s all amazing stuff. I’m so happy to have discovered this homegrown South African singer-songwriter. These are my favorites.

“So take these words and make them right”

“You mumble the weirdest collection of words but I thought them too”

“It’s a war walking out your door”

I’m completely in love with his melody and lyrics. Simple beauty at its finest.

Shortstraw a South African independent rock band also has their song “Couch Potato” on this soundtrack, I think they have a really cool sound.

There are also tracks by Simeon, and Danny Ross.

And this post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t give a salute to the composer Benjamin Willem. His work is a subtle accompaniment to this movie, and it’s all wonderful.

All in all, I just haven’t had a soundtrack stand out to me like this in a while. I mean my ringtone is “Whiplash” but this is good for waiting for the bus listening. Just some well put together feel good music.

Thank you for reading!

– a.seaa



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