67- Free Falling – Revamp

Do you miss me when I’m gone?

So I’ve been slacking, or just overwhelmed by life. Whichever goes. But I think I’m back. I have accepted that I’m just not stable enough in my environment to be running a daily, and have decided to revamp this site and just go with it.

I kept creating so many mental barriers for myself that a part of me shut down. Reality hasn’t been helping either though. A voice has been screaming in my head, fighting to be heard. So I’m setting that voice free, and writing to my little heart’s content.

And this is what I imagine ecstasy to be. My senses seem heightened, I’m shaking, and these words are just pouring through my fingers. It’s amazing and I’ve missed this feeling.

So I guess my manic mind and my poetic soul is back for some more. I thought my muse had left me but turns out I had just sedated him with too much clutter. I know what I want, and I’m glad that and the heart of me has never changed.

I just needed to breath and reevaluate my capabilities. So take this as ramblings or advice, but here it is.

Thank you sincerely to those who are returning readers and welcome to all who are new, until my next post.

Thank you for reading!
– a.seaa


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